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Skye's Social Situation!

Updated: Jun 28

(Leon's Day June 25th North Pole Summer Vacations Book 3)

"Halo" from Scotland! When Santa's Scottish reindeer returns home for summer vacation, readers will learn all about Scotland's culture and vocabulary!

After dropping Santa off in Hawaii, head reindeer Skye heads home to the reindeer preserve in Scotland for a well-deserved break!

But amidst all the fun reindeer games, Skye realizes her family and friends have a skewed view of Skye's life at the North Pole. Because of the "fun-only filter" on her profile, Skye's loved ones believe Skye loves her work at the North Pole more than her home in Scotland!

In this helpful lesson on communication, Skye the reindeer will learn the value of being vulnerable and sharing her true feelings with friends and family.

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